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1731 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130
1731 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

When truck accidents occur, serious injuries as well as extensive property damage often are the result. Recent truck accidents in Pennsylvania include one that involved a big rig as well as a pickup truck. It resulted in serious injuries, and a major road was shut down for several hours.

This particular accident occurred in Delmont in late June, early in the morning. According to the authorities, a tractor trailer that was hauling garbage collided with both a car and a pickup truck. When they arrived, they found the pickup truck completely wedged underneath the big rig.

The pickup truck driver was cut out of his vehicle by fire fighters and flown to a medical center in Pittsburgh in critical condition. The woman who was driving the car was rushed to a local medical center. The driver of the big rig stayed behind at the scene of the accident and was seen completing a field sobriety test.

Though the exact details of what caused this accident are currently unknown, it is likely that more details will surface as the investigation continues. The victims might seek to file individual personal injury claims against the big rig driver and the driver’s employer. If the evidence documents that the truck driver’s negligence caused or substantially contributed to the accident and injuries that resulted, they may be entitled to a monetary judgment for damages incurred. In Pennsylvania, when this type of claim is successfully navigated, any compensation awarded can be used to help offset some of the financial burdens that victims of truck accidents often encounter, such as lost pay, medical expenses and pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury attorney is typically consulted in order to determine the viability of a claim and to provide ongoing support during the claims process.

Source:, “Route 22 closed after accident in Westmoreland Co.“, June 30, 2015

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