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1731 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130
1731 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

A three-vehicle crash that involved an 18-wheeler left several injured and spilled fuel for what appeared to be blocks, authorities say. The crash also lead to one vehicle catching fire. The accident occurred in Allentown on a Wednesday morning in November. When truck accidents like these occur in Pennsylvania, due to the size and weight of tractor-trailers, the damage to individuals’ health can be catastrophic, and the damage to their properties extensive.

According to the authorities, one of the main factors that may have caused or contributed to this crash were the suspected faulty brakes on the semi truck. The driver of the truck was in the northbound lane of South Fourth Street around 8 a.m. when he apparently lost his brakes, police say. This caused the driver to run a red light.

As he ran the red light, a car at the same intersection traveled through the intersection on a green arrow and crashed into a saddle tank that was located on the side of the truck. The car immediately caught fire, and a car behind it collided with a pole located at the intersection. Several injuries were reported. The truck eventually came to a stop several blocks away, and it took the authorities until noon to clear the area and re-open the streets.

When truck accidents occur, it is advisable for those affected to determine which trucking company operates the tractor-trailer. Some common aspects to consider are whether the company failed to provide the driver with proper training. Additionally, the truck may have been in need of routine maintenance that, if not performed, may have contributed to the accident. Issues like these can make an accident the responsibility of the employer. If it comes to pass that the employer acted with negligence in any regard, this negligence may be cited in a personal injury lawsuit in a Pennsylvania civil court.

Source:, “Truck causes crash at South 4th and Emaus in Allentown; brakes could be to blame“, Nov. 18, 2015

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