When You Have Been Abused by a Prison Guard: Get the Right Lawyers to Recover Your Damages

Pennsylvania and New Jersey prisons have been known to have serious problems with prisoner mistreatment.

Philadelphia jails have one of the country’s highest counts of sexual abuse from prison guards, according to a 2013 report from the US Department of Justice.* New Jersey prisons have also shown a high rate of abuse, of both male and female prisoners.**

Prison officials have a duty to protect the safety of prison inmates and suspects held in custody. Officials who fail to protect or respect the rights of those in their prisons and jails must be held accountable.

Recovering Your Losses and Taking Back Your Dignity

If you or a loved one was beaten, assaulted, injured or denied medical treatment while in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey jail or prison, call us immediately.

Based in Philadelphia, Gay & Chacker’s civil rights attorneys fight hard on behalf of mistreated prisoners in state and federal prisons and county jails. We have a reputation for winning compensation for those injured by a guard’s negligence or bad behavior.

Tell Us What Happened

Whether you were a victim of prison guard abuse or police brutality, that abuse has violated your basic civil rights and should be dealt with legally. Abuses can include:

  • Physical abuse (random or routine beatings)
  • Torture
  • Murder
  • Failure to provide medical attention
  • Hunger
  • Failure to control inmate violence
  • Sexual abuse, assault, rape
  • Psychological abuse (taunting, threats and humiliation)
  • Failure to protect against or respond to assault or rape by other prisoners
  • Failure to prevent suicide

We have worked hard for decades to help end prison guard abuse. We will fight to get you compensation for the damages you or your loved one suffered.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help in a prison guard abuse case. There is no risk or obligation. We charge you no legal fees unless we recover money damages for you.

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