Bob’s Story

On April 10, 2010, Bob, a former Police Officer, was involved in an unfortunate motorcycle accident in Northeast Philadelphia on his way to a benefit for a fellow injured officer. He was nearly 1000 feet from the banquet hall when he hit a giant hole in the road going 50 mph and was thrown from his bike. The street had caved in three weeks prior but the city had neglected to place cones or barricades around the hole. As a result of this neglect, Bob suffered a fractured tibia and fibula and nearly lost his leg. He spent 1 week in a trauma center and 2 months in the hospital recuperating from his injuries.

While lying in the hospital Bob began searching for an attorney to represent him in his case against the city. Bob was specifically looking for a lawyer with experience going after the city of Philadelphia. He came across Ed Chacker and contacted him. Ed immediately responded and came to Bob’s hospital bed to meet. Bob was impressed with Ed’s personable attitude, down to earth nature and his willingness to challenge the city’s negligence. Bob was very happy with the attention he received from the firm, the settlement amount and the time it took to settle the case. He describes Gay & Chacker as being a very responsive, big firm with the mentality of a small, personal firm that values their relationships with their clients.

The Torres Family’s Story

In 2006, Elias Torres was involved in a major highway accident on I-95. He was returning from a school trip to Baltimore when his bus was struck by a tractor trailer. Elias was ejected from the bus and suffered severe scrapes, cuts and wounds to his back and head. He spent the next 6 months in and out of hospitals and received several surgeries. Though legal counsel was far from the forefront of Elias’ mother’s mind, a friend recommended she reach out to Gay & Chacker to seek their advice. The family was pleasantly surprised with the firm’s dedication when the attorney drove to Baltimore to be by Elias’ bedside and begin strategizing the case. Elias’ mother has said that everything was happening so quickly and it was a relief to know that Gay& Chacker was handling the case.

The family was pleased with the consistent guidance they received from the firm and felt like their best interest was always considered. The Torres family was very happy with the outcome of the case and is very grateful for the attention they received. They describe Gay & Chacker as being very dedicated and comforting. They will not hesitate to recommend the firm to friends and family.

The O’Hara Family’s Story

Ed O’Hara was unfortunately injured when he fell into a man hole at a Valero refinery. He had to have his knee replaced twice and was in subsequent pain following his accident. Ed and his wife heard about Gay & Chacker from their daughter who had worked with the firm in the past and received a very favorable result. After meeting with the firm, Ed and his wife were impressed with the family-oriented atmosphere and attitude of the firm. They hired the firm and were very happy with the way they handled the case and the outcome they received. They found Gay & Chacker to be “spectacular” in the way they handled the case and described the firm as being “family-oriented”, “dedicated” and “awesome”. They have since recommended their friends and family to Gay & Chacker.