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Like many people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you may think you have a medical malpractice claim if your doctor has made a mistake. Perhaps your doctor misdiagnosed an illness. Maybe your surgeon made an error. Or, a nurse administered the wrong dosage of medication.

All of these events are medical mistakes, but not every error or bad outcome amounts to a successful medical malpractice claim. Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, medical professional or medical organization:

  • Makes a mistake by deviating from the generally accepted standard of care, and
  • Someone suffers harm as a result

It can be hard to know when a doctor or hospital is at fault for a poor result after surgery or medical care. At Gay & Chacker, in Philadelphia, we have more than 50 years of experience representing victims of medical mistakes. Call 877-577-5796 today to talk to a lawyer at our firm about whether you might have a case.

Get Answers After A Medical Mistake

When a doctor’s error causes harm to a patient, the critical factor is whether the doctor breached the standard of care, and whether that breach resulted in injuries or a worsening medical condition. Was your physician following the generally accepted methods used by other medical professionals to treat or care for patients in the same circumstances? Or, did your doctor’s care fall below the accepted standards of practice?

It is difficult for patients and their families to know whether a mistake was caused by medical negligence because physicians and hospitals are unlikely to admit fully to their errors.

A Strong Record In Medical Malpractice Cases

The experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Gay & Chacker, work hard to investigate medical errors and help our clients get answers, justice and compensation.

If we believe that you suffered due to medical malpractice, we will fight to get you compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and more. We have successfully negotiated and litigated medical malpractice cases on behalf of many clients over the past five decades.

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