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Pennsylvania Personal injury: Accidents could lead to premises liability claim

There are various circumstances under which individuals could become injured. In some cases, the property they are on could be deemed unsafe or there could be hazards that were left unattended. If an individual does become injured and other parties could be held liable, he or she may have cause to file a personal injury claim.

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in one woman’s case currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that the woman had been shopping in a retail store when a sign fell and struck her wrist. The incident resulted in her suffering injuries, which were described as both mental and physical. As a result of the event, the woman filed a lawsuit against two companies associated with the store where she was injured.

The report stated that her injuries caused the woman to suffer from pain and mental anguish, and she also lost wages and had to attend to medical expenses. She believes that the defendants named in the case were liable because they did not ensure that the area was safe and did not warn the woman of the hazard. She hopes to be compensated for damages resulting from the incident.

The conditions of an area could play a considerable role in whether property is considered hazardous. If Pennsylvania residents have been injured due to unsafe property conditions, they may have cause to file a premises liability claim. This type of personal injury claim could allow negatively affected parties to seek compensation for resulting damages. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help interested individuals determine whether such steps could be right for their circumstances.

Source: setexasrecord.com, “Woman alleges wrist was injured at Palais Royal store“, Philip Gonzales, Nov. 9, 2016

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