When You Have Suffered a Bone Fracture: Get the Best Possible Personal Injury Attorneys to Recover Your Losses

Most people will suffer two broken bones in their lifetime. The most common break is a wrist fracture. After age 75, the most common broken bone is a hip fracture.

Fractures among people over 30 are most likely to occur in accident such as a vehicle collision, a slip-and-fall accident, a work accident, or stresses on the bone.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to breaking a bone in a fall. Those over 65 are five times more likely to be hospitalized for fall-related injuries than for other reason. When an older adult breaks a hip, long-term or permanent loss of mobility can result. They often need surgery and/or an artificial hip replacement, followed by a stay in a nursing or rehab facility.

Some bone fractures can be treated simply, by wearing a cast and rebuilding muscle strength once the injury has healed. But compound breakages, shattered bones and open fractures are very serious, and can take far longer to recover from.


An accident, on-the-job injury or assault can create long-term or even permanent disability, particularly if they create fractures in the spine, joints, hip or pelvic bone. This sort of injury can put you or a loved one out of work indefinitely. Meanwhile, the medical bills pile up and you have to endure physical and emotional pain for months or even years.

Gay Chacker & Ginsburg’s Philadelphia-based bone fracture injury settlement attorneys have decades of experience in dealing with personal injury and fracture cases.

Our firm has won excellent compensation for victims of bone fracture injuries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and surrounding areas over the past five decades. We are skilled at gathering the necessary medical evidence and information that proves the seriousness of the injury and the losses suffered.


If you have suffered a fracture due to someone else’s error, negligence or intent to harm, you have the right to seek compensation.

We will gather any needed evidence, including the testimony of medical experts, to assess the full extent of your fracture injuries and build as strong a claim as possible. We will work with you to recover your losses, including all medical bills, lost current and future wages, therapy and rehabilitation, disability and pain and suffering.

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