Our Philadelphia Expungement Lawyers Are Here to Help You Erase a DUI From Your Record

If you are caught driving under the influence in New Jersey, it will show up on your record as a traffic violation, not a criminal offense.

But in Pennsylvania, Maryland and a number of other states, a DUI is a misdemeanor. If you are arrested, charged with, or convicted of a DUI in those states, you can end up with a criminal record.

That record then becomes public information. Anyone can view it online or at a local courthouse—including a potential employer doing a background check on you.


In Pennsylvania, first-time DUI offenders with no prior or limited record can be given the chance to enter the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program.

ARD is pre-trial rehab program for nonviolent offenders. It’s extremely helpful for getting charges expunged (erased) from your record, and also eliminates the time and money it takes to go to trial or other court proceedings.

If you apply to the ARD program, you will be carefully screened by the district attorney’s office. You must also agree to conditions such as attending alcohol and highway safety classes and being under supervision (similar to probation).

You must plead guilty to any motor vehicle violations. Once you complete the program, you can petition the court to have the charges dismissed and the case erased from your record.

Unless you have a great deal of legal training, this will be a long and complex process to do on your own.

The petition filed at the Norristown courthouse, with all required fees and paperwork, must follow the Pennsylvania rules of civil procedure. A judge must then approve the petition, and a court order must be obtained that will order certain state agencies to remove the DUI record from their systems.

In Maryland, there are certain minor DUI offenses that you can get erased from your records, but you will need to file the right forms with each state agency that might have a record of your DUI arrest—the police, the court system, and possibly the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

Whatever state you live in, you will find that trying to get your record expunged without the help of a skilled and seasoned DUI lawyer is a complex, time-consuming, expensive process.


Filling out all the necessary forms, contacting all necessary agencies, and adhering to court rules could easily overwhelm the average person. Facing the court system—and a judge—alone is not advisable.

Even if you complete the ARD program on your own, your DUI arrest will remain as a criminal record. To have your DUI arrest record expunged as soon as possible, you need a skilled Pennsylvania/Maryland DUI expungement lawyer with years of experience working on your behalf.

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