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When You Have Been in a Motorcycle Accident, Get the Philadelphia Lawyers Who Will Fight for Your Rights

“The motorcycle swerved into my lane” … “The sun was in my eyes” … “I didn’t see him when I turned the corner.”

These are some of the excuses you will hear from careless drivers trying to explain why they hit someone on a motorcycle. But if you were seriously injured when another vehicle crashed into your bike, it is not your fault. That accident has left you dealing with serious medical expenses, lost wages, and a strain on your family life, as well as your own pain and suffering. You need and deserve to be compensated for your injuries. A Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Gay Chacker & Ginsburg can help.
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Know Your Rights

If you were injured in Pennsylvania, state law holds that the driver is responsible for your injuries, regardless of what insurance they have. You do not have to prove you have got a permanent injury or disability in order to win back all your losses.

Wherever you were injured, Gay Chacker & Ginsburg’s Philadelphia-based attorneys have had decades of experience in dealing with under-insured drivers, uninsured drivers, and drunk driving accidents. They know how to face down arguments by the defense attorney that you were the one who was at fault.

Our Philadelphia Bike Accident Lawyers work with you to recover your losses, including all medical bills, any future treatment or therapy you might need, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help in a bicycle or pedestrian accident case. There is no risk or obligation. We charge you no legal fees unless we recover money damages for you.

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Protecting Your Rights

Based in Philadelphia, Gay Chacker & Ginsburg is a personal injury law firm that has protected the rights of motorcycle accident victims and their families for more than 45 years. Though the driver might have a story, we do not accept excuses. No excuse can change the fact that you or a loved one is now suffering from life-changing injuries.

We have handled accidents involving injuries that range from broken bones and spinal cord injuries to wrongful death. We will fight to get you the money damages your family deserves, whether that means dealing skillfully with insurance companies or fighting hard for you in court.

Bob’s Story

On April 10, 2010, Bob, a former Police Officer, was involved in an unfortunate motorcycle accident in Northeast Philadelphia on his way to a benefit for a fellow injured officer. He was nearly 1000 feet from the banquet hall when he hit a giant hole in the road going 50 mph and was thrown from his bike. The street had caved in three weeks prior but the city had neglected to place cones or barricades around the hole. As a result of this neglect, Bob suffered a fractured tibia and fibula and nearly lost his leg. He spent 1 week in a trauma center and 2 months in the hospital recuperating from his injuries.

While lying in the hospital, Bob began searching for an attorney to represent him in his case against the city. Bob was specifically looking for a lawyer with experience going after the city of Philadelphia. He came across Ed Chacker and contacted him. Ed immediately responded and came to Bob’s hospital bed to meet. Bob was impressed with Ed’s personable attitude, down to earth nature and his willingness to challenge the city’s negligence. Bob was very happy with the attention he received from the firm, the settlement amount and the time it took to settle the case. He describes Gay Chacker & Ginsburg as being a very responsive, big firm with the mentality of a small, personal firm that values their relationships with their clients.

How Can Motorists in a Car or Truck Help Bikers Remain Safe?

Even motorists who don’t ride motorcycles can help bikers remain safe. When you’re sharing the road with motorcycle riders, there are some specific things to be aware of, including:

  • Checking blind spots and mirrors at intersections and before you change lanes, because motorcycles can be small and harder to see.
  • Give yourself a greater following distance when you’re behind a motorcycle, since they can often stop faster than you.
  • Be sure to signal when you plan to merge or change lanes.
  • Never drive drunk or otherwise impaired.
  • Respect the space around a motorcycle and don’t crowd them simply because they are a smaller vehicle.

When motorcyclists and other motorists share the road together and all take responsibility for being careful, there are fewer accidents. People can get where they are headed more easily, and motorcycle riders can enjoy being out in the open air without as much concern over whether other motorists are going to pose a risk to their safety.

How Can Riders Reduce Their risk of Injury in a Motorcycle Accident?

When you have a motorcycle, staying safe on Pennsylvania roads should be one of your top priorities. Annually over 3,400 motorcycles are involved in accidents on state roads, with nearly 180 people dying due to those crashes. You don’t want to be a statistic, and you can reduce your risk with some simple tips to help increase your safety. If you drive another type of vehicle, there are also ways you can help protect them from harm by being aware and knowing what to do in specific situations.

If You Ride a Motorcycle

Taking care to protect yourself is important when you’re riding your motorcycle. To lower your risk of harm, consider:

  • Wearing clothing that is reflective and bright, so that you can be seen easily by other motorists.
  • Wearing a helmet that is DOT approved, along with good eye protection, at all times.
  • Staying sober, obeying speed limits and all traffic laws, and keeping a safe following distance.
  • Conducting a pre-ride check of your bike every time, and feeling comfortable with your motorcycle.
  • Know what you should do when you have adverse road and weather conditions to contend with.
  • Take a training course so you’re very clear on the best ways to safely ride your motorcycle.

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