Does Commercial Liability Coverage Apply to Your Claim?

One of the first inquiries an experienced personal injury lawyer makes has to do with the insurance coverage available to meet an accident victim’s claims. In private auto accident cases, we often find that the other driver’s insurance together with your own underinsured motorist coverage provides a lot less coverage than you’ll need if you sustained serious injuries.

This is typically not a problem in commercial vehicle accidents. If your collision involved a semi truck, a construction vehicle, a commercial landscaper or even a delivery car from a local restaurant, your accident losses will almost certainly be covered up to $1 million or more by commercial liability insurance.

The availability of insurance to cover very high losses puts the spotlight on your lawyer’s ability to prove complex damages claims against tough defense attorneys with a lot to protect. Contact Gay Chacker & Ginsburg for a free consultation with a lawyer who has met and overcome this challenge many times over the last 30 years.

Pennsylvania Rental Car Accident Attorneys

While the general principles of proving liability and damages in commercial vehicle injury litigation are much the same as they are in any other car accident, the fact that the defendant will actually need to pay the full amount of your losses in most cases means that your damages evidence will receive much closer scrutiny and more sophisticated challenges than it will in a case where low policy limits will apply.

Philadelphia trial attorney Ed Chacker has more than 35 years of experience with the proof of complex accident claims and has been recognized as a leader in the local trial bar for more than 20 years. He has taught and lectured on advanced problems in personal injury trial practice, including topics focused on insurance claims. His deep understanding of the claims recovery process in high-stakes cases can give you a definite advantage in commercial vehicle accident litigation.

Our law firm handles cases involving such commercial vehicles as:

  • Delivery vans
  • Maintenance trucks
  • Taxis
  • Airport or hotel shuttles
  • Private, municipal or regional buses
  • Express trucks
  • Construction vehicles
  • Rental cars, trucks or vans

Contact us now to learn more about your legal options in the aftermath of a commercial vehicle accident. There is no risk or obligation. We charge you no legal fees unless we recover money damages for you. Call us today at 800-529-4030 for a free consultation, and get the compensation you deserve.