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Slip & Fall Case

Gay Chacker & Ginsburg won a recent jury trial in Camden County, NJ that resulted in a $1.5 Million award for our plaintiff. The case involved a 50 year old woman who injured her dominant right hand after a fall on a sidewalk near a train station that was not properly maintained by PATCO, the Port Authority Transit Company. Click Here to view video.


Settlement against Trucking Company

When a diesel fuel tank fell from a truck and spilled onto Interstate 95, our client pulled his vehicle over on the shoulder. The driver of an oncoming vehicle lost control after hitting the fuel slick and struck him. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury, which led to amnesia. After multiple surgeries and therapies, he was declared disabled in terms of employment and not medically cleared to drive. Gay Chacker & Ginsburg obtained $16.5 million from the insurance companies of the two defendants, a produce wholesaler and a trailer repair company, whose negligence had led to the fuel tank spill.

$11.9 M

Verdict for Family of Suicide Victim

A federal jury ordered a health care provider to pay $11.9 million to the family of a man who committed suicide as an inmate in Monroe County Correctional Facility. The lawsuit claimed that medical staff failed to evaluate the inmate’s risk for suicide and need for antidepressants. Our client, the man’s wife, had sought $800,000 to settle before trial but was rejected by the defendants. Gay Chacker & Ginsburg obtained a verdict nearly 15 times the initial settlement demand. The $11.9 million award included $8 million in punitive damages, which was reversed by judgment notwithstanding verdict (JNOV). We appealed this decision to the Third Circuit, which reversed the District Court Judge’s decision, ordering the defendant to pay the $8 million and denying the defendant’s order for a new trial.


Settlement for Estate of Elderly Man

Our firm obtained a $4.5 million settlement for the estate of a 91-year-old who was run over by a truck in Philadelphia. His injuries required a leg amputation, which ultimately led to his death.


Settlement During Trial in Premises Liability Case

Our client was escorting an elevator worker to an outside service balcony of a building. As he attempted to reenter the building through the balcony access door, the door blew shut and struck our client, causing him to fall and strike his head on a support beam. He suffered a concussion, back injuries, and emotional trauma.


Verdict for Philadelphia Vehicle Crash Victim

Our client was the passenger of an SUV traveling on Girard Avenue in Philadelphia when another motorist made a left turn from the outside lane and struck the vehicle. The crash led our client to suffer severe back injuries that prevent him from working and taking on daily tasks.


Verdict in Delayed Diagnosis Case

A physician failed to properly communicate and follow up with our client regarding an incidental finding on an MRI. Four years later, he was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer that had spread to other parts of his body. The jury awarded our client $500,000 for past pain and suffering, $1.5 million for future pain and suffering, $375.000 for lost income, and more than $31,000 for his medical expenses.


for an Injured Passenger

In one case, we obtained $1.835 million for a client who was a passenger in an SUV traveling in Philadelphia when another motorist made an inappropriate left turn and struck the vehicle on the passenger side. Our client sustained neck, back, and head injuries, and the collision exacerbated his preexisting back condition. Although he underwent multiple back surgeries and years of treatment, our client’s injuries took away his ability to perform some of his previous duties as a plumber. The jury found that the woman’s negligence was a factual cause of harm and awarded our client $1.835 million.


Settlement for a Runner hit by a Sleepy Driver

This case involved a 25-year-old marathon runner who was involved in a head-on collision with an F-150 truck when the defendant had fallen asleep at the wheel. Plaintiff was immediately hospitalized with injuries including a broken elbow, a fractured leg, and a broken ankle which needed multiple surgeries.


Settlement for Misdiagnosis of Testicular Cancer

We obtained a settlement for the estate of a man who, while incarcerated, received a misdiagnosis and died from cancer.


Settlement for Driver Struck by a Police Vehicle

Our legal team obtained a settlement for the estate of our client, who was struck by a police vehicle and killed on impact.


Settlement for Man Injured in Vehicle Collision

Our client was traveling in the right outside lane of traffic when another motorist negligently turned left in front of his vehicle and caused a collision. Our client suffered severe injuries to his shoulder, arm, and neck.


Settlement for Client Rear-ended at Exit Ramp

Our client was rear-ended while at a Pennsylvania Turnpike exit ramp. The defendant had pushed his car into another car, causing our client to suffer injuries to his ribs, abdomen, chest, diaphragm, and back injuries that required epidural injections.


Settlement for Driver Struck by Motorist Fleeing from Police

Our client was driving his car in Flourtown, PA when another man was fleeing from police in a vehicle at the same time. While attempting to evade capture, the man crossed the center lane of the road and struck our client’s vehicle at 70 mph. Our client suffered a crushed right heel that required surgery and a wrist injury that continues to cause him pain.


Settlement for Rear-ended Motorist

Our client was driving in Lancaster, PA when he slowed and stopped due to traffic. Another motorist was traveling in the same direction, did not decrease his speed, and forcefully struck our client’s vehicle in the rear. Our client suffered severe back injuries that led to decompressive neuropathy and other lifelong problems.


Settlement for Client Injured from Falling

Our client suffered severe knee injuries due to a trip and fall incident.


Settlement for Woman Who Fell on Ice

Our client fell on ice in a sports complex parking lot. As a result of the fall, she suffered a broken leg and underwent surgery to insert a rod, plate, and screws to stabilize the fracture.


Settlement for Man Injured in Vehicle Collision

Our team obtained a settlement on behalf of a motorist whose car was struck by another driver pulling out of a gas station. Our client suffered sprains and strains to his back, neck, and shoulder as well as a concussion and hypertension.


Man Injured in a Vehicle Collision

Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a broken nose, facial fracture, facial swelling and bruising, and concussion. His injuries cause him to suffer severe headaches, muscle spasms, memory loss, and facial scars.


Woman who Fell in a Salon

At a home salon, our client tripped over a tripod’s legs. She fell over and suffered a broken wrist in two places, which required metal pin surgery.


Woman Injured in a Vehicle Collision

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle when another motorist made a left-hand turn without yielding and struck her vehicle. She suffered a fractured clavicle, bruising to her stomach, neck, shin and right shoulder, and nightmares as a result of the vehicle crash.


Man Assaulted by Security Guard

Our client was at an entertainment establishment when a uniformed security guard engaged him in conversation. Suddenly and without any justification, the security guard punched our client in the face, causing him to fall unconscious to the ground. When he awoke, the guard repeatedly punched him, and despite the fact that our client had done nothing wrong and was unable to walk, the guard violently evicted plaintiff from the establishment. As a result of the attack, our client suffered facial fractures, a concussion, short-term memory loss, and an allergic reaction over 75 percent of his body resulting from the medication and latex used to treat him.


Driver who was Rear-ended

Our client was stopped at an intersection to make a left turn when she was rear-ended by a negligent driver. She suffered severe knee injuries that required surgery as a result of the crash.


Pedestrian in Trip and Fall Case

Our firm obtained a settlement for a man who tripped on a hazardous sidewalk and fell while walking in Philadelphia. He sustained injuries to his back, wrist, hip, shoulder, and knee as well as nerve and head injuries. In addition to his physical pain, our client continues to suffer with traumatic anxiety, nervousness, and other psychological and emotional disorders.


Trip and Fall Case

Our client was walking up the steps when she tripped, fell, and dislocated her right shoulder.


Driver Rear-ended by Van

Our client was driving in the left lane of traffic on a highway when the driver of a van rear-ended her. As a result of the collision, she was thrown violently inside the vehicle, causing her to suffer traumatic anxiety, nervousness, and other psychological and emotional disorders.


Man Who Slipped on a Wet Floor

Our client was an inmate at a privately-run jail and was being escorted to the law library by a correctional officer, when he slipped in a recently mopped hallway. He fell to his right and violently struck his head, hip, and knee. He underwent emergency surgery to place screws and rods to repair a hip fracture.


Man Assaulted by Philadelphia Police

Our client was assaulted by two Philadelphia police officers, causing him to suffer physical injuries, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Neck & Back Injury Leads to Missed Work

There was a collision towards the rear of the car with the plaintiff. Client suffered serious injuries including ones to the neck, back, and shoulders. As a result of the accident, Plaintiff missed 13 weeks of work and a significant decrease in pay. An offer of $30,000.00 was made to the plaintiff which was then rejected. Another offer was made to the plaintiff and the case ultimately settled for $99,500.00 out of a $100,000.00 policy. The case ultimately settled for $99,500.00

Telephone Pole Causes Injuries

A 34-year-old mother of two nearly misses a crash involving a 24-foot long dump truck whose brakes failed which crashed into multiple parked cars, telephone polls and ended up turned over. One of the telephone poles crashed into plaintiff’s vehicle causing serious injuries. Plaintiff accepted offer of $200,000.00

Infection After Surgery

60 year old female who was crossing the street, not in a crosswalk, was hit by a car and caused her ankle to fracture. The plaintiff’s ankle needed surgery and after the surgery was done, weeks later she started to develop an infection upon site of the surgery. The case settled for $250,000.00


Bicyclist Struck and Dragged by Car

Plaintiff was riding a bicycle when hit by the defendant and dragged 25 feet before the defendant came to a complete stop. Plaintiff suffered multiple fractures and abrasions also including lacerations to the left eye and head.
Plaintiff settled for $130,000.00

Overflowing Toilet Causes Fall

Plaintiff is a 29 year old woman who slipped and fell on water overflowing from the toilet in the ladies room. After informing the defendant about this incident, no preventative measures were taken to block the ladies room. Plaintiff accepted the offer of $162,500.00

Foot Injured in Auto Accident

26 year old female who was operating a motor vehicle was struck by another causing her right foot to sustain injuries. She needed surgery and was assigned a walker to help with the maneuvering.
The plaintiff accepted the offer of $150,000.00

Back Injury from a Rear-End Collision

Plaintiff was operating her motor vehicle and came to a stop for a traffic light. Defendant struck plaintiff in the rear and plaintiff suffered injuries to the back.
Plaintiff accepted defendant’s offer of $50,000.00

Wet Floor Causes Fractured Ankle

Plaintiff was a patron of defendant’s business when she slipped and fell on a wet floor. As a result, plaintiff sustained significant injuries including a fractured right ankle. The plaintiff was here on business and because of the accident he couldn’t return home for another couple days. The plaintiff accepted the offer of $75,000.00

Injuries Preventing Work

52 year old male received four and a half years of soft tissue treatment which he received for a motor vehicle accident when someone rear ended him. The plaintiff was unable to work due to back problems and the pain from the tissue treatment. The case settled for $200,000.00

Injuries from Rear-End Collision

Plaintiff was a 39-year-old woman traveling north bound on the Roosevelt Boulevard when her vehicle was struck in the rear by another vehicle. Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries which included a severe herniated disc with no surgery. The plaintiff settled with an offer of $130,000.00

Teacher Slips on Hanger

School teacher slipped and fell on a hanger at a Kmart which, in turn, led to a fractured hip. There was a loss not only to her family but the students that she taught as well. The case settled for $225,000.00

Injuries from a Car Accident

69 year old male was involved in an automobile accident. The plaintiff suffered a broken nose and a deviated septum causing suppressed breathing through the nose. The plaintiff was put on medications to ease the swelling.
The plaintiff accepted the offer of $115,000.00


Woman Injured in Vehicle Collision

Our client was traveling southbound in Philadelphia when she reached an intersection. Another motorist, traveling northbound, made an illegal left turn into our client’s lane, causing a head-on collision. Our client suffered concussion, bruising and pain to her shoulder, sprained spinal ligaments, back injuries, and wrist tingling.

Misdiagnosed Kidney Leaves Patient in Pain

A 52 year old man who was a stay-at-home dad had a kidney scan done. In the process, the doctors misread the scan and diagnosed him incorrectly. There existed a cancerous tumor which was visible and as a result of the misdiagnosis, the cancer has since metastasized and the plaintiff will continue to undergo experimental and painful infusions of drug treatment. The case settled for $1,350,000.00

Police Officers Use Unnecessary Force

37 year old male who was stopped by uniformed police officers who were suspicious of the plaintiff dealing narcotics. Defendants continuously punched and kicked the plaintiff in the head. As a result of this brutal attack, the plaintiff’s left eye had to be surgically removed and continues to have blurred vision in the right eye. There was no offer made. The jury awarded the plaintiff $900,000.00

Driver Runs Red Light & Causes Head On Collision

Plaintiff was in route to work and has traveled this intersection for the past 24 years and in doing so was making a left with a left green turn signal when the defendant ignored his red light and crashed into plaintiff head on causing the plaintiff serious injuries including a fractured hip and ankle. Plaintiff is required to use a walker to get around. The case settled for $500,000.00