Misdiagnosis, Delayed Diagnosis or Failure to Diagnose Illness

There are important differences between the kinds of mistakes a doctor can make in identifying what’s wrong with a patient. Misdiagnosis, or confusing one medical condition with another, can mean that the patient is treated for the wrong illness.

Delayed diagnosis involves identifying the correct form of heart disease or cancer too late to allow for treatment that would have achieved better results if applied sooner. Failure to diagnose an injury or illness altogether, of course, implies that the doctor missed symptoms or test results with disastrous consequences for the patient.

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To learn whether misdiagnosis or any other error in diagnosis in your situation can support a claim for medical malpractice damages, contact an attorney at Gay & Chacker in Philadelphia. Our trial lawyers represent people with claims against physicians and hospitals in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

The key to success in medical malpractice litigation is our ability to work effectively with the doctors whose support you’ll need to move your case forward. Expert medical opinion is essential to the two main problems of proof that are raised in misdiagnosis cases: did your doctor’s failure to make a correct diagnosis violate professional standards? And did it actually cause death or serious injury?

Pennsylvania Failure to Diagnose Attorneys

Our law firm’s ability to evaluate medical evidence with the help of conscientious physicians can make the decisive difference in your case, whether it involved a delayed diagnosis of cancer or a complete failure to spot the signs of stroke or heart attack in an emergency room.

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