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$121,000 Settlement in Nursing Home Neglect Case

Gay Chacker & Ginsburg are well known for their nursing home neglect cases. They fight for the rights of the elderly and make sure they are treated justly and get the compensation they rightfully deserve. For example in 2013 Bruce Ginsburg won a  settlement of $ 121,000 for an 81-year-old lady who was a victim of nursing home abuse.

According to Bruce Ginsburg,  of Gay Chacker & Ginsburg, “Skilled care and nursing home neglect cases required experience with the law and an ability to understand people as they get older. We are placing our families into homes where we expect quality care.”

According to details, the 81-year-old lady was a resident at an assisted living facility in Chester Country, PA. The assisted living facility accepted her as a resident although they were aware of the fact that she was at a great risk of falling due to her age. Even after she fell twice, no changes were implemented in her care plan. The facility failed to provide the professional care it had promised, and never tried to prevent another fall. Very sadly, after a few days the elderly lady fell again and this time, it was very serious as she fractured her lumbar spine which required kyphoplasty surgery. Since it was time enough to get the elderly lady some justice, Ginsburg and Associates looked into this catalog of failure and made an inquiry. They used their professional expertise to hold the negligent facility responsible and the victim received $121,000 as a settlement against injuries.

Elderly people are sent to such facilities because they need full-time attention and care from someone who is good at their job. But unfortunately, some elderly people are abused due to lack of training of caregivers and their simple neglect. Currently, nursing home neglect cases are on the rise and are creating a major problem for the facilities. Families of the victims demand justice and an inquiry.

Gay Chacker & Ginsburg have Expertise at Nursing home neglect cases

Gay Chacker & Ginsburg are dedicated to tackling cases of neglect and abuse in nursing homes, driven by a strong commitment to justice for victims. They are deeply aware of the pain and suffering endured by these elderly individuals and tirelessly work to secure compensation for their injuries.

Beyond financial compensation, they strive to effect change in nursing home policies and procedures, aiming to prevent future incidents. Their belief is that holding facilities accountable leads to improved care for the elderly.

With a track record of successfully advocating for the rights of the elderly against neglect and abuse, Gay Chacker & Ginsburg have established themselves as formidable allies in the fight for justice. Their expertise and determination have not only brought relief to victims but have also contributed to higher standards of care. If you or a loved one has experienced nursing home neglect, Gay Chacker & Ginsburg offer the legal support and guidance you need. By joining forces, we can enhance the safety and well-being of our elderly community. Contact Gay Chacker & Ginsburg for committed legal advocacy and make a difference.


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