Walking the sidewalks of Philadelphia should not be a hazard. Yet, unsafe sidewalk conditions pose a real risk of injury to pedestrians. It’s important that property owners are held accountable for keeping these public pathways safe.

Sidewalk injuries can range from minor to severe and are often the result of negligence on the part of property owners. Understanding who’s responsible and what steps to take after an injury is crucial.

Examples of Dangerous Sidewalk Conditions

  • Uneven pavement and cracks that can trip pedestrians.
  • Ice and snow that haven’t been cleared.
  • Debris and other obstacles that aren’t removed.
  • Poorly lit areas that hide potential hazards.

$325,000 Settlement for Client Who Slipped on Icy Sidewalk in Winter

The team at Gay Chacker & Ginsburg in won a $325,000 settlement for a client who was seriously injured from a slip and fall. In this instance, we assisted a pedestrian who fell on ice outside a parking garage during winter. It had snowed the previous night, leading to our client slipping near the garage entrance. This fall resulted in injuries to his wrist and elbow, as well as exacerbating a pre-existing knee injury.

You might think the icy pavement is just one of those winter things and not the garage owner’s problem. But, our injury lawyers in Philly showed that the owner could’ve seen it coming and should’ve salted the area or put up signs. We proved the owner was negligent by bringing in weather and medical experts to talk about our client’s injuries. Our strategy worked, leading to a $325,000 settlement for our client and introducing consistency in holding property owners accountable for failing to ensure the safety of their premises.

Talk with a Lawyer About Your Accident

Determining liability in sidewalk accidents can be complex. It may involve the adjacent property owner or even the city. Knowing who to hold accountable is key to pursuing a claim for your injuries.

Consulting with a premises liability attorney should be a priority if you’ve suffered an injury on a sidewalk due to unsafe conditions. Legal expertise is vital in navigating these cases and ensuring your rights are protected.

For those injured on unsafe sidewalks, Gay Chacker & Ginsburg Trial Lawyers are here to help. Reach out to us at 215-346-7332 for a free premises liability consultation. Let our experienced Philadelphia attorneys fight for the compensation you deserve.