When You Have Been Harmed by a Nursing Error: Get the Right Legal Advice from Skilled Medical Mistakes Lawyers

It is shocking, but true: more Americans have died from medical errors than in all the wars the US has ever fought in. Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the US.[1]

Hospitals in particular present numerous health risks that patients are rarely warned about. That lack of information can leave patients and their families feeling shocked and isolated when things go wrong.

In an effort to cut costs and improve their profits, many hospitals have reduced their staff and are using inadequately trained staff. Sadly, these overworked and undertrained nurses kill and injure thousands of patients every year.[2]


Even famous healthcare facilities have allowed patient information databases become outdated or poorly maintained. They also often lack necessary equipment and supplies.

Their nurses might lack the proper technical skills and training—or the time—to do their jobs correctly. Or there might be a communication breakdown between nurses and other health professionals, resulting in mistakes that lead to a patient’s injury, disability or death.

Patients often become infected with a new illness when a nurse doesn’t wash their hands between patients. Nurses also sometimes disregard a patient’s medical records, and administer a drug that badly conflicts with another drug the patient is taking.

Psychiatric patients sometimes suffer patient abuse or the wrong therapy, which creates further psychological problems. At other times, infants are sent home with the wrong mother, patients can go missing, or they are subject to physical or sexual assault. Errors of omission can also occur, though they can be harder to spot.

Get the EXPERT Legal ADVICE—and Medical Proof—You Need

If you or someone you care about has suffered a nursing error that led to illness, injury or death, you need a dedicated legal team working hard on your behalf. Whether a nurse failed to correctly treat or identify a medical problem, or created a new problem, you must speak with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer today.

Gay Chacker & Ginsburg’s Philadelphia-based attorneys have decades of experience in nursing error and medical malpractice cases. If professional negligence was a significant cause of serious injury or death, we will meet the challenges of your case by getting medical expert to support your claims. We will work hard to prove that the error violated nursing patient care standards, and played an important role in causing your or a loved one’s injuries, illness, disability or death.

We have a long record of success in nursing error and medical malpractice claims and litigation. We will work tenaciously to win you the compensation you deserve, to cover damages and losses such as medical bills, lost income, additional treatment, disability, and pain and suffering.

Working with Medical Experts: THE RIGHT LEGAL DIRECTION

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