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$2M Settlement for Failure to Diagnose Colon Cancer

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Our attorneys at Gay Chacker & Ginsburg Trial Lawyers settled a case for $2 million. The lawsuit was brought against a gastroenterologist and hospital for failing to diagnose colon cancer.

Representing the estate, lawyers from Gay Chacker & Ginsburg argued that the patient had signs of colon cancer that warranted a colonoscopy. The defense tried to refute this claim by suggesting that given the age of the Plaintiff, the problems were not likely to be colon cancer and were more likely inflammatory bowel syndrome.

During the deposition, our attorneys were able to get the defendant specialist to admit that throughout the time the deceased was seeing the doctor, her symptoms did not change or improve. With the aid of our own specialist, we were able to make the credible argument that a doctor is responsible for treating the symptoms of the patient, not their age.

The biggest contention in the case was whether, at the time of the initial symptoms, the cancer had already spread and the delay did not make a difference in. However, our legal team responded that under Pennsylvania law, the delay in diagnosis increased the risk of harm to the Plaintiff.

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