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Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Roosevelt is Dangerous

In America there are certain roads and highways that have maintained their importance in people’s daily lives. Over time, roads can become damaged and undergo construction, but still maintain their iconic nature while helping millions reach their destination. In Philadelphia there are several major highways; however, there are few that rival the history, importance and controversy that surrounds Roosevelt Boulevard.

Roosevelt Boulevard, officially named the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Boulevard, is one of Philadelphia’s most important traffic arteries. It carries millions of drivers every day and is arguably the backbone of Northeast Philadelphia. Roosevelt Boulevard has become such a part of Philadelphia that when one speaks of “the Boulevard” anyone who’s lived in Philadelphia for any significant length of time, whether they reside in the Northeast or not, knows immediately which road is being referenced.” source

“Designed more than a century ago, the Boulevard comprises up to 12 lanes, four roadways, and three medians. Despite the importance and history of the highway, a 2011 report by the reform group Transportation for America noted that such arterials contribute heavily to pedestrian deaths nationwide by encouraging speeding and affording insufficient opportunities to cross safely.” source

Over the years several people have been injured in auto and pedestrian accidents on this highway. This past summer, a fatality involving a mother and her three children have led to public outrage over highway safety and the proposal of new safety measurements being taken. “One week after a mother and three of her sons were fatally struck by apparent drag racers on Roosevelt Boulevard, a state senator has proposed lining the busy roadway with speed-enforcement cameras, the first technology of its kind in the area.” source

Recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has released statistics revealing that a staggering 17 pedestrians have been killed on Roosevelt Boulevardfrom 2008-2012. The deaths have led to a new $2.8 million project which implemented speed-monitoring signs with additional crosswalks and traffic signals. Still, the road has a blemished reputation as being a “12-lane” highway of hell for both pedestrians and motorists alike.

“The road is notorious for two intersections which have been designated the second and third most dangerous intersections in the country by State Farm Insurance, at Red Lion Road and Grant Avenue respectively.” source

It is important to understand that auto and pedestrian accidents happen every day. However, on Roosevelt Boulevard there has been a higher occurrence of accidents resulting in injury. As noted by the Department of Transportation, the number of accidents has steadily increased over the last decade. Despite added safety measurements the road is still considered to be dangerous.

The most recent tragedy occurred on September 29th when police say, a car being driven the wrong way on Roosevelt Boulevard, hit a family’s minivan head-on, killing the mother inside the vehicle. Althea Taylor, a mother of five, was on her way back from New York with her husband who was driving the family van. Everton Taylor spotted a Buick coming towards him around a curve but was unable to elude the vehicle. A friend of the family, Shawn Morgan, said “The Boulevard is very dangerous. It’s not the first accident like that. I’ve seen accidents like that and it won’t be the last.” source

>Many of these accidents are due to personal negligence in regards to speeding and disobeying traffic laws. This past week, witnesses reported to police that they saw two cars drag racing on the 5800 block of the Boulevard in Oxford Circle at around 3:30 am Sunday. This resulted in an early morning crash. The occupants fled the scene in another vehicle. “Police are checking local hospitals to see if anyone hurt in the crash sought medical help.” source

Although traffic accidents are usually caused by individuals who disobeyed laws or acted in an unsafe manner, one can’t deny the grave statistics surrounding Roosevelt Boulevard. It is clear that the road, while historic and important, needs to be further evaluated for safety issues and made safer for travelers.

Sadly, the huge number of incidents on Roosevelt Boulevard has led to deep and painful losses to so many families. It is critical to remember to seek medical assistance first, and immediately get in touch with a legal counsel that is an expert in personal injury and loss. Insurance companies tend to downplay the rights in an effort to minimize their financial losses. However, this does little to assist a grieving family. An attorney firm with a stellar reputation can not undo the wrong to the victim, but is able to maximize the benefits that are rightfully due to the victim and their family. No one but the attorney has a clear mind about what to do next in difficult situations.

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