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$600,000 Settlement for Fall at Bowling Alley

Our client was attending a business party at a bowling alley when she slipped and fell in the foyer when a rug in the foyer moved. The cause of the rug moving that contributed to the fall was not readily visible after the fall. Gay Chacker & Ginsburg with the help of an expert found the backing of the rug was wrong and there was a small indentation in the flooring, underneath the rug.

However, the defendant contested the defect as non-existent to minimal at best. Furthermore, a bowling alley manager entered the foyer as the injured worker was getting up after the incident occurred and claimed he saw nothing that caused her to fall. He also noted that the worker was carrying bags for the party. According to the Defendant the rug and foyer were regularly used with no prior incidents and in fact, a group of school children and the manager had walked through not long before the worker’s fall.

Our client’s injuries were considered an exacerbation of a lower back issue by the defendant. The injury eventually required surgery and missed time from work. In the end, we were able to present a strong case and prove the property defect caused her injuries and damages, recovering a $600,000 settlement on behalf of our client.

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