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Injury-causing car accidents may lead to civil claims in Pennsylvania

Speeding vehicles often pose a considerable risk to the individuals inside the vehicles and others who are traveling. Because many drivers have difficulty keeping vehicles under control when they are traveling at excessive speeds, car accidents commonly result. When such incidents lead to serious injuries, they may also lead to the filing of personal injury claims.

Civil claims could potentially result after a recent crash that occurred in Pennsylvania. Apparently, the wreck involved only one vehicle—a minivan. There were at least three individuals in the vehicle at the time of the incident, and reports stated that the minivan was traveling at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control. The van then left the roadway and hit a pole and a house. It was unclear what damage to the house may have been done.

The incident proved fatal for the 31-year-old driver. Additionally, two passengers were taken from the scene due to injuries. A 21-year-old passenger who was in the back seat was ejected from the vehicle in the crash. The other injured passenger was in the front seat. It was unclear what the extent of their injuries may have been.

If the passengers were seriously injured in this Pennsylvania incident, they may have cause to file personal injury claims. Though the driver was killed in this crash, such claims could still be filed against the estate of the deceased driver. Claims for this accident—as well as other car accidents with serious outcomes—could help victims seek compensation for permitted damages.

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