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Investigators may examine fault in recent truck accident

Safe driving imposes a duty of care on every individual who gets behind the wheel. In addition to observing traffic laws, a driver must also pay attention to traffic flow, road conditions and other potential traffic issues that may require a quick response.

When the unexpected does happen, drivers must take care to respond in a way that does not endanger others on the road. Take the example of an issue that requires an individual to pull to the side of the road and exit his or her vehicle. Other drivers should take care to allow enough room. Drivers should also allow enough space behind any vehicle they are following to permit a safe emergency stop. Unfortunately, a recent example illustrates that the unexpected could lead to negligent driving and/or tragedy.

Specifically, a driver on Interstate 78 several hours outside of Philadelphia got out of his car and began walking on a recent morning. The reasons why the man exited his vehicle are still under investigation. Unfortunately, tragedy soon followed. A tractor-trailer swerved to avoid the man, which led to a collision with another tractor-trailer. One of the truck drivers was killed in the crash. In addition, traffic on I-78 was entangled for several hours after the collision.

An attorney that focuses on personal injury lawsuits and motor vehicle accidents understands that the process of determining negligence or fault can take time. Sometimes skid marks may be helpful in determining whether a vehicle was tailgating another vehicle, as well as the vehicle’s path.

If the surviving loved ones of the truck driver bring a wrongful death claim, evidence may be needed to reconstruct the crash scene. Skid marks may allow experts to determine whether the truck driver had allowed a safe following distance, and possible indicate his driving path. That data may also indicate whether the man endangered himself by failing to stay on the shoulder, perhaps even walking into traffic.

Source: CBS Philly, “FedEx Driver Killed In Multi-Vehicle Crash On I-78 In Berks County,” March 31, 2015

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