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Medical malpractice case may interest Pennsylvania residents

There are many mistakes that could lead to a patient undergoing the wrong medical procedure. These potential mistakes could lead patients to feel wary about attending to any medical problems they may have. However, it may not be able to avoid addressing serious issues. If an individual is the victim of surgical mistakes, filing a medical malpractice claim may be warranted.

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in a serious case that recently took place in another area. Reports stated that a healthy kidney was removed from a patient due to medical errors. Apparently, a surgeon had received a CT scan indicating that a tumor in a kidney had to be removed. However, the patient who underwent the surgery was not the one who needed the operation.

The patient and another individual had the same name. Due to a mix-up and apparent failure to ensure proper patient identification, the surgical mistake occurred. It was unclear how the patient was affected after the surgery or if any actions could be taken to rectify the mistake. Additionally, the hospital is facing inspections and requirements to chance certain policies.

Surgeries performed on the wrong patients may seem like unfathomable mistakes, but these errors happen more often that one would hope. If Pennsylvania residents have been the victims of surgical errors, taking legal action may be a step to consider. Filing a medical malpractice claim could allow them to seek compensation for damages. Experienced attorneys could help interested individuals determine whether this avenue could suit their circumstances.

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