Pennsylvania Police Brutality Attorneys

Holding Law Enforcement Accountable to the Public They Serve Throughout Pennsylvania

More and more, it can seem like a certain amount of police brutality is simply to be expected – particularly in urban areas like Philadelphia. We see it in the headlines and hear it in the news: wrongful detainment, excessive use of a Taser® gun, coerced confessions, malicious prosecution, excessive beatings in correctional facilities, at traffic lights, in personal homes … the list is long. At Gay Chacker & Ginsburg Trial Lawyers, our Pennsylvania police brutality lawyers’ goal is always to provide our clients with passionate advocacy and help them to hold law enforcement officers responsible for their actions.

Common forms of police brutality and misconduct include:

  • Coercion to confess: In some cases, individuals are outnumbered and intimidated to confess to crimes which are then recorded and used to convict ‘criminals’ who police are in a hurry to lock away
  • Excessive Force: If police unnecessarily cause bodily harm to you or your loved ones
  • Injuries From Weapons: Unnecessary use of Tasers, batons, pepper spray and other non-lethal force
  • Illegal Search and Seizure: A violation of your civil rights from illegal search and seizure of your home or vehicle
  • Racial Profiling and Discrimination: Likely involving other probable cause violations
  • Wrongful Death: Where deadly force is used on civilians when no weapon was present

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