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Philadelphia County leads state in Pedestrian Deaths

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, Philadelphia County experienced far more pedestrian deaths than any other county in the state in 2013. A total of 36 pedestrians lost their lives in accidents in Philadelphia County. The county with the next highest number of pedestrian fatalities was Allegheny County where 12 such deaths occurred.

Counties bordering Philadelphia Counties saw their share of pedestrian deaths as well. Nine pedestrians died in Montgomery County, six in Bucks County and three in Delaware County.

An example of what can happen in a pedestrian accident

An organization that provides training in Texas to personnel involved in reconstructing accident scenes put together a video of a pedestrian-vehicle accident. An article in the Houston Chronicle details what happened to the crash test dummy utilized in the video.

Upon the initial impact, the dummy’s knees buckled. Immediately following that, the dummy’s face hit the front windshield, and then the entire body was thrown over the vehicle. The force was great enough to remove a shoe from the dummy in the process.

Real-life examples of pedestrian accidents

A hit-and-run accident on Market Street in Philadelphia resulted in the amputation of one leg for a pedestrian. According to the Philly.com report, there were no witnesses to the accident but the victim was found by another person passing by.

On North Broad Street in Philadelphia, two vehicles collided. The impact forced one of the vehicles into a nearby pedestrian. The victim was taken to Einstein Hospital with critical injuries per the story on 6abc.com.

An 80-year old pedestrian was airlifted to the hospital after being hit by a vehicle in Northeast Philadelphia early one Saturday morning. 6abc.com reported that a second pedestrian was also hit and died at the scene of the crash.

Can pedestrians be safe?

Following the basic traffic laws, signals and signs is one way that pedestrians can try to keep themselves safe. Finding ways to be more visible to motorists is also helpful. Pedestrians are urged to walk near street lights if out at dark or to wear special reflective gear. Staying on sidewalks or walking toward traffic if no sidewalk is available is also recommended.

What else can be done?

Because there are people who choose to drink and drive, to text and drive or to simply disregard basic safe driving practices, pedestrians will always face some level of risk. Anytime that a pedestrian accident occurs, seeking the help of an attorney is advised.

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