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Dog attack may lead to personal injury claim in Pennsylvania

Being the victim of a dog attack can leave individuals feeling frightened. In many cases, individuals may suffer serious injuries that could lead to a multitude of financial, physical and emotional complications. In such cases, victims may wish to consider filing personal injury claims against the parties held liable for such an attack. This type of claim could allow them to pursue compensation for allowable damages.

Such a claim may result after a recent incident in Pennsylvania. Reports stated that a man and his 4-year-old daughter were walking when a dog escaped a fenced area and attacked them. The little girl was bitten on the finger and leg, and the dog began to attack the man when he intervened. Two additional dogs jumped out of a window of a home near where the man and child were walking and joined the attack.

Other individuals in the area came to help and were able to use sticks to get the dogs away. Authorities stated that the man suffered injuries to his hand and leg that were bleeding profusely. Details were not given on the severity of the injuries the man and his daughter suffered. It was noted that a woman was cited in relation to the attack due to harboring dangerous dogs.

The man and young girl may face difficulties as they work to recover from the injuries suffered in the incident. If they feel it could be right for them, they may wish to file a personal injury claim against the individual or individuals responsible for the dogs. This type of claim may help them work toward gaining reparations for damages permitted under Pennsylvania law.

Source: wkbn.com, “Police: Woman cited for Sharon pit bull attack“, Chelsea Simeon, June 6, 2016

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