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Signs your loved one is being neglected in a Pennsylvania nursing home

For most people, it is not easy to place a loved one in a nursing home. In many cases it is the last place someone will live and while the person may need care around the clock, taking that step can be difficult. Despite the difficulties surrounding such a move, in today’s society, it is often the only real solution for families whose loved ones need medical attention. In many cases a significant amount of time is spent trying to find the best possible fit.

Because this is such a big move, it is devastating when a resident is subjected to neglect or mistreatment. The first step toward getting a loved one out of that situation is to know the signs.

The physical or emotional state of a loved one may indicate someone is not receiving the care he or she should. For example, deprivation of food and water could lead to malnourishment and dehydration. The failure to provide the nutrients and liquids necessary could cause someone to rapidly decline. Similarly, skin tears, pressure ulcers and bruises, could indicate that a resident is not being provided the care he or she deserves. If a resident is uncommunicative or is acting withdrawn, this might also be a sign of bad care.

The way in which staff interacts with you and each other could be indicative as well. There should be enough people working that call lights and ringing phones are answered. In addition, the atmosphere should not feel chaotic and co-workers should communicate and work well together. The turnover should be low.

While alone or every once in a while these things do not necessarily mean a resident is being neglected, more than one, or a pattern over a period of time, could be a reason to pay closer attention. When neglect is uncovered, it may be possible to recoup damages via a lawsuit. A lawyer who handles nursing home injuries can be of assistance.

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