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Pennsylvania Hotel Premises Liability: What Happens When a Guest is Injured?

Guests who get hurt during their hotel stay often have questions about hotel premises liability. Should the hotel management have prevented the cause of the injury? Did someone responsible act negligently in maintaining the premises and preventing hazards? When the lines seem blurred amid the chaos, it could be difficult to determine who should be held accountable for guest injuries.

In short, hotel owners and managers owe a duty of care to protect guests. When they fail to adequately maintain the premises and repair any dangerous conditions and/or foreseeable hazards, those responsible could be held liable for injuries suffered by their guests on the property.

Injuries Caused by Hotel Negligence

To hold a hotel accountable for injuries sustained on the premises, the injured guest must prove the company acted negligently in specific ways. The guest must show the following:

  • The guest was invited on the premises as a paying customer,
  • The hotel owed a standard duty of reasonable care to the guest,
  • The hotel breached that duty of care, and
  • The hotel’s breach duty caused the guest’s injury.

What is the standard duty of reasonable care? To protect guests from all known or foreseeable hazards on the property, a hotel must ensure its property is kept in a reasonably safe condition. Doing so requires adequate inspections, staffing, maintenance, pest control, and repairs as needed.

Hotel Premises Liability: Getting Legal Help

When a hotel negligently fails to protect guests from hazards and someone is injured, the hotel may be held liable. However, if you were hurt on a hotel property as a guest, figuring out who is responsible is very difficult to do alone. Hotel management may try to discuss the incident with you, which could make the entire situation even more unclear.

Contacting a qualified law firm is critical in this scenario. An experienced attorney can begin investigating the situation right away to determine if your injuries were caused by a preventable hazard. While you focus on recovering, your lawyer can be pursuing the details of the situation and holding responsible parties accountable.

Our Philadelphia Premises Liability Lawyers at Gay & Chacker have successfully represented many injured people in premises liability cases. If you were injured, we can explain your legal options. Contact our firm for assistance.

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