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Maintenance of swimming pool important in keeping swimmers safe

Pool safety is very important during the summer months, but there’s more to it than just chlorine and some flotation devices. While drowning may be the first thing that comes to mind, there can be hidden dangers that most people might not think about, like pool electrocution. Several recent instances of this are a strong reminder that the lights that are used in pools for swimming at nighttime have to be installed, checked, maintained, and repaired the right way in order to ensure that they are safe for swimmers.

Water and Electricity Don’t Mix

Children are taught from a young age that water and electricity aren’t a good combination. However, when done correctly it’s very safe to have pool lighting. Some pools have just one or two lights to help swimmers see when they are in the pool after dark. Other pools have much more elaborate lighting systems, to give swimmers more of a spa-like experience.

No matter which type of lighting a pool has, the lights need to be correctly sealed in order to keep water out at all times. Even a little bit of water can short out the lights. It’s not just the lights that are in the pool. Lights around the pool, such as on poles or mounted on nearby surfaces, could be problematic as well. If they are improperly grounded, or not correctly sealed against water, a current could flow to areas where it shouldn’t be, and can shock anyone who comes in contact with it.

What Can Be Done To Keep A Pool Safe?

People who own or are responsible for pools-whether they are private or public-should take steps to keep them safe. Flotation devices, chlorine, and education for anyone who uses the pool are all important. In addition, a credible contractor should be used to install and work on a pool, to reduce the chances that there will be problems with the electricity that can lead to someone being hurt.

An electrical current can send someone into cardiac arrest and in the worst cases electrocution can lead to death. Even if someone survives they may face serious disability or a long period of recovery. If you or a loved one has been injured by improperly installed or poorly maintained pool lighting, you may want to talk to an attorney. You could have a case against the owner of the pool if it’s not yours, or against the person who installed the pool for you. It’s worth asking about, because you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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