Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorneys in Philadelphia

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A cancer misdiagnosis can lead to a variety of serious complications. When it comes to cancer, early detection can often lead to higher survival rates and a better chance of remission. Because of this, correct diagnosis is critically important, and failing to do so can have life-altering or fatal consequences. Due to the profound impact of this type of medical malpractice, our Philadelphia cancer misdiagnosis attorneys at Gay Chacker & Ginsburg Trial Lawyers are committed to holding those at fault accountable.

Incompetent medical practices that can lead to a cancer misdiagnosis include:

  • Ignoring the patient’s complaints or dismissing them as inaccurate
  • Refusing to refer the patient to an oncologist for further testing and evaluation
  • Misreading scans and X-rays, including MRI and CT scans
  • Intentionally, or unintentionally, failing to order further testing, such as bloodwork, a biopsy, or colonoscopy
  • Diagnosing the condition as something else
  • Failing to conduct follow-up treatments

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Statistics on Cancer Misdiagnoses

In 2019, a study published in Diagnosis revealed that cancer was one of the top misdiagnosed health conditions, along with vascular diseases and infections. According to the findings, middle-aged and older adults are more likely to have a cancer misdiagnosis than people between 0 and 20 years of age.

Sadly, a cancer misdiagnosis can have profound effects on a person’s life, leading to further health complications or even death. The research findings in the 2019 study revealed that 16% of cancer misdiagnoses led to the patient suffering low- to moderate-severity harm, and 38% resulted in high-severity harm.

One of the main reasons for misdiagnosis of cancer, vascular diseases, and infections is errors made by medical professionals. According to the study, nearly 86% of medical malpractice claims triggered by a misdiagnosis were because of “failures in clinical judgment.”

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