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Patient dies, medical malpractice claim filed against doctors

Many different types of medical procedures are performed by competent health care professionals every single day in Pennsylvania. Most of these procedures are highly successful and often result in the patient eventually returning to their prior levels of health. However, in the unfortunate cases that arise due to an act of medical negligence, patients often suffer catastrophic injuries and, in some cases, death. Sometimes the surviving individual or his or her family member chooses to file a medical malpractice suit against the responsible parties.

After a patient died following a diagnostic procedure that allegedly resulted in the perforation of his colon, as well as caused him to have a pulmonary embolism, his grandmother is suing. According to the lawsuit, she contends that her grandson went to a medical center, where he complained of digestive issues as well as abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with an obstruction in his bowel and, subsequently, the doctor ordered that he be placed on an IV in order to raise his hydration levels.

The grandmother asserts that the patient then had a battery of tests that resulted in the identification of a malignant tumor located in his bowels. Allegedly, his bowel was punctured during these procedures. Just days later, the patient died due to suffering a pulmonary embolism that the grandmother claims was a result of the invasive tests and the resultant puncturing of his bowel.

When a patient in Pennsylvania is injured or dies due to the apparent negligence of his or her health care professional, he or she is entitled to file a medical malpractice suit. When successfully navigated, the suit can help with lost pay as well as medical bills and pain and suffering. An experienced attorney who is knowledgeable with medical malpractice claims is usually consulted in order to establish whether a viable case exists.

Source: louisianarecord.com, “Medical malpractice claim filed against Ochsner, doctors over patient’s death“, Kyle Barnett, July 21, 2015

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