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Pennsylvania Patrons could suffer personal injury due to unsafe establishments

Many Pennsylvania residents may shop at stores or go to other places without considering the notion that security on the premises may be lacking. However, some establishments could put patrons at risk of suffering injuries due to a lack of safety. If an individual does suffer a personal injury at an insecure location, he or she may have cause to take legal action.

Though parking lots are outside establishments, store owners could still be liable for incidents that take place on the grounds. Therefore, businesses may wish to have a security patrol that watches over this area. If there is no security, an individual could be seriously injured due to being mugged or otherwise harmed in a parking lot and face considerable setbacks.

A lack of security could also put patrons at risk of safety hazards inside establishments. Crowded areas may need some sort of control to ensure that individuals do not get too rowdy and cause injuries, and security professionals could point out other potential safety hazards on the premises. If a store owner does not take care of such issues, there may be a risk of serious injuries to other parties.

If individuals have been injured on the premises of an establishment, they may have legal options. Store and property owners may be held liable for the injuries suffered, and as a result, seriously affected parties may have cause to file premises liability claims for personal injury. Successful claims could allow individuals to gain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages permitted under Pennsylvania law.

Source: smallbiztrends.com, “Does Your Business Need a Security Guard? 10 Signs That Point to ‘Yes’“, Paul Chaney, Dec. 12, 2016

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