It’s more family-oriented. They treat you like a family, instead of just like a constituent or anybody out there. You can call them about issues even if you didn’t have an accident. Just for advice.


I am so grateful for them. I really am. They became more than just an attorney. They really made us feel very comfortable and welcome, and their services were awesome.
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They are like family. They really are. I just think they were spectacular in handling the case.


Brian’s a very approachable person, and he was easy to get a hold of. If you needed anything he was there, and he just made the whole process a lot easier. Very good with calling you back and making sure that you’re okay.


The whole process, man—and this is no commercial—just very personable. I call Ed on the phone, boom, he’d call me right back. Sometimes with lawyers, once you sign the dotted line, you’re done. But anything I needed along the way, he was more than willing, between him and his paralegal—they’ve just been fantastic people.
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