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When to File a Municipal Liability Claim

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You have the right to be safe in a public space. It’s your city’s responsibility to make sure that this right is fulfilled and respected. Tragedy can occur if this responsibility is ignored. If you have been hurt in such an incident, you may have the right to seek compensation through a municipal liability lawsuit.

Municipal liability applies in any situation where you are hurt due to the city’s negligence. An example might be if you fall and suffer injury due to a lack of lighting in a public area. The city is expected to ensure that sidewalks, plazas, and other areas are reasonably well-lit at night.

It is in situations like this that may call for a lawsuit to be filed against the city. Injuries of any kind can be expensive to treat. If you were hurt because your city failed to do its job, you may be able to make the case that the city should pay.

Municipal Liability Cases

Gay Chacker & Ginsburg has been hired, given its familiarity with litigation against municipalities, to investigate a case against the City of Philadelphia. Recently, a woman driving through an intersection was killed in an accident. Her granddaughter was also hurt. Investigations have shown that the accident came about due to faulty traffic lights. It is believed that the city failed to inspect and repair these lights in a timely manner, and tragedy resulted.

This is a striking example of how even a seemingly minor failure on the city’s part can have far-reaching repercussions. It also shows how important it is to make sure that such negligence is properly addressed.

Municipal liability can apply if someone is hurt by city employees. An example of this is when city employees cause traffic accidents by driving improperly. City employees, such police officers, and firefighters are required to follow specific regulations in this area.

Gay Chacker & Ginsburg has also litigated and settled a case involving an injury caused by improperly inspected overhead lights. The contractor hired by the City of Philadelphia neglected to check them in a timely manner as required by the city contract. As a result, problems with the lights went unreported, and a woman crossing the street was hurt.

There are also situations in which city employees violate the civil rights of individuals and in so doing cause serious injury or even wrongful death. These cases are known as civil rights or Section 1983 cases. Gay Chacker & Ginsburg has successfully handled two cases involving civil rights violations caused by Philadelphia’s public employees.

Hiring a Lawyer

If you suffered an injury and have reason to believe that the city is at fault, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. The team at Gay Chacker & Ginsburg has a great deal of experience in municipal liability cases. We have also done work in hospital negligence, car accidents, slip and fall cases, workplace injuries, and nursing home negligence and injury. You can reach us by calling 215-323-5185

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