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Personal injury claim may result from Pennsylvania incident

Being the victim of an accident that results in injuries can be harrowing. Seriously injured parties may face extended time working to recover from injuries while experiencing considerable pain and other suffering. Additionally, financial struggles may also result due to medical expenses and time away from work. If injured parties would like to seek recompense for such damages, filing a personal injury claim may be an action to consider.

One woman in Pennsylvania may be looking into such a legal option after recently being struck by a vehicle. Reports stated that the woman had been in a crosswalk when she was almost hit. She and the driver of the vehicle reportedly “exchanged words,” and the driver threatened to run over the pedestrian. The driver then pressed the gas and drove over the other woman.

The pedestrian suffered injuries to her pelvis, hip and tailbone as a result of the incident. Police caught up with the driver, and she was taken into custody. Reports stated that she is facing charges for attempted murder, aggravated assault, making threats and an increased charge of accident involving death due to the seriousness of the situation (despite the fact that no one died).

In addition to the criminal charges the driver is facing, the victim may also file a civil claim. A personal injury claim could help the injured party work toward gaining compensation for her emotional and financial difficulties and other damages permitted under Pennsylvania law. If the driver is convicted of the charges brought against her in criminal court, there may be an increased chance of success for a related civil claim. Information on such claims may help the victim determine whether filing one could be right for her.

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