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Personal injury: Dog knocks woman down, causes hip fracture

For many Pennsylvania residents, their pets are like children, and if their pets are threatened, some pet owners will defend them with their lives. This type of love for her two little Pomeranians led to a woman in another state landing in a hospital when she had to protect her dogs against an attacking dog. While she is receiving treatment in the hospital, police and animal control officers are working on identifying the owner of the dog that caused her personal injury.

Reportedly, the woman was out walking her dogs — both attached to leashes that had them secured in little harnesses. Unexpectedly, a large dog came charging along with the clear intention to harm the small dogs. The owner tried to lift them off the ground by their leashes but failed to keep them out of the reach of the big dog. The dog allegedly knocked the woman down and grabbed the smaller of the two Pomeranians, running off with it in his mouth and shaking it like a toy.

A witness ran after the large German shepherd dog and retrieved the little dog. The owner of the house to which the dog ran denied owning the dog and an investigation to identify the owner is ongoing. Reportedly, the woman suffered a broken hip and multiple dog bites in her attempt to save her dogs, and they are all expected recover fully.

However, the financial consequences may have a long-lasting impact on the financial stability of the victim. Fortunately, victims of dog attacks in Pennsylvania and other states may pursue financial relief through the civil judicial system. A personal injury claim may be filed against an identified owner of the dog that caused the injuries. Proof of negligence will lead to a monetary award for documented financial losses along with emotional losses sustained.

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