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The allure of detergent pods to children

Children are curious by nature. They are drawn to bright and shiny things, some of which could hurt them. Detergent pods are a good example of these types of objects. Though the convenient packets are a popular choice for getting clothes and dishes clean, in the hands of children, they could be dangerous.

The issue with these packets is that their size, shape and color might confuse children, making them think they are juice or candy. The fact that the membrane surrounding the detergent is water-soluble makes it easy for children to bite open or dissolve in their mouth. Once released, the detergent could enter either their airway or go down their throat.

While the worst some children who ingest or inhale the highly concentrated liquid face is vomiting, others could stop breathing, accumulate fluid in their lungs, end up in a coma, and in the worst cases, die.

Despite seemingly regular stories about children becoming ill after exposure to the packets, young people continue to be hurt after coming into contact with the detergent. According to a study recently published in Pediatrics, among all types of detergent poisonings, the biggest cause of serious medical effects and hospitalizations is laundry detergent packets. Throughout the United States, poison control centers field calls related to children and laundry packets every 45 minutes.

While the product’s design may work well when it comes to getting things clean, the same cannot be said concerning its contact with children. It is upsetting anytime someone is injured as a result of a product’s defective design. This is particularly true when it is a young person who is hurt. The lawyers at Gay Chacker & Ginsburg believe people of all ages deserve to be protected from products that are designed with a defect. To learn more about how they might be of assistance, please see their website.

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